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Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Rosemary Spell by Virginia Zimmerman

Sadie, 13
Virginia Zimmerman
The Rosemary Spell                                  

This book would be very excellent for ages 10 to 12. The story line is well-written so that one thing leads to another. The plot is good, and exciting enough to keep the reader interested, and its references to Shakespeare give the story a bit of a "base" so that the plot doesn't fall apart. Overall this book was entertaining. I would recommend this book to young readers. but it can be enjoyed by anyone who does not feel it would be a waste of time. The characters had excellent personalities and the author made it so one could understand what drove Rosemary and Adam to make things right even if it meant breaking off a sprig of an herb plant.   The way the author used poetry to help the story along was a very neat idea. This book would be excellent for those interested in a little bit of mystery, spells, poetry, books and Shakespeare.  The Rosemary Spell is an easy read, and mentions phrases of Shakespeare from various plays such as Hamlet, and Richard II, as well as lines of poetry.   The cover looks great.

Rating: 4 Better than most

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