Teen Book Club

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Game Of Lives by James Dashner

james, 17
James Dashner
The Game Of Lives
Delacorte Press 2015

This book is amazing it is action packed and vary intriguing

5 Hard to imagine a better book

Mark Of The Thief by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Molly, 13
Jennifer A. Nielsen
Mark Of The Thief
Scholastic Press March 2015

I highly enjoyed this book!!! I thought it was cool how they  included Latin phrases. I also liked the Romen theme  along with how they included history yet they were able to throw in magic and fantasy. I would definitely read this again and recommend it to others.

Rating: 5 Hard to imagine a better book

The Last Bogler by Catherine Jinks

Donald, 13
Catherine Jinks
The Last Bogler
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2016

The Last Bogler by Cathrine Jinks is not what I expected. I honestly think that it could be a good book but was not what I would consider "a great". I must say though that some of the parts in it were interesting, but not my liking. But I did not know that it was the third book in a book series so I must say that it is a good-by-itself-book.

3 Readable

The Tight-Rope Walkers by David Almond

Tim  J., 15
David Almond
The  Tight-Rope  Walkers
Candlewick 2015

 This  book  had  a  good  story  behind  it  but  was  written  in  a  way  that  made  it  hard  for  me  to  get  through.

Rating: 3 Readable