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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Magnus Chase: Sword of Summer (4 reviews) by Rick Riordan

Donald J., 14
Rick Riordan
Magnus Chase
Disney 2015

Magnus Chase, by Rick Riordan, presents a mythical adventure tale about a homeless orphan who dies. But, he is sent to a hotel-styled after life of the Norse mythology. Magnus soon discovers that he must journey on a quest to save the nine worlds from a very angry Wolf who is foretold to swallow the sun and start doomsday.

5 Hard to imagine a better book

Robert, 17
Rick Riordan
The Sword of Summer
Disney Hyperion 2015

Rick Riordan's new novel is a great beginning to a great trilogy to come. Every page is filled with the great mythology humor you would expect and gives a great look into Norse mythology with a twist on every character that makes you love every one of them. A great book for all.

Rating: 5 Hard to imagine a better book

Molly, 13
Rick Riordan
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: the The Sword of Summer
Hyperion 2015

Truly I can't imagine a better book than this. I stayed up countless nights reading and laughing so hard that my eyes watered. This book is a real page turner full of jokes, fantasy, and adventure. Magnus Chase and three friends travel the nine realms on a quest and are chased by giant man eating squirrels; fish for the giant world serpent; and play catch with giants, all with the antics of the Norse Gods, whom I will never see the same way again with Riordan's modern twist. Also, for all the Percy Jackson fans, you will see many similarities and hidden jokes.  Now that you know this book exists, get up, find this book, and read it.
Rating: 5 Hard to imagine a better book

Tim  J., 15
Rick Riordan
Magnus Chase:  Sword  of  Summer
Disney  Book  Group 2015

 This  was  a  great  book!  Complete  with  talking  heads,  deaf  a  death  and  mute  elf,  a  fashionable  dwarf,  a  talking  sword,  and  a  vicious  giant  squirrel.  I  loved  this  book  and  highly  recommend  it  to  any  book  reader!

Rating: 5 Hard to imagine a better book

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