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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Starting From Here by Lisa Jenn Bigelow

Joanna, 14
Lisa Jenn Bigelow
Starting From Here
Marshall Cavendish 2013

I recommend this book because about love ,relationship and pain they have. Colby is a nice boy ,he found the dog and take the dog to veterinarian . He decided to take care a dog, he called Mo. The veterinarian gave him free lesson and he don't have to pay Mo's surgery . Mo loss one leg . His father let him ,take care of Mo,. I liked the way how he decided to care the dog. He meet his girl friend Amila ,when she was standing at his locker, and interview him.They start talking . He had bad relationship with his friend Van ,Amila and veterinarian. When he travel with his father at San Francisco .His father tell him that he cares about him and he miss his mother. He apologize to his friend ,veterinarian ,Amila . Everyone forgive him . He didn't want to go school because the conflict he had . Now he wants to go to school because he don't have conflict .

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