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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Charlie's Key by Rob Mills

Brooke,  15
Rob Mills
Charlie's Key
Orca Books 2011

Charlie's Key was about a boy named Charlie who wakes up in a hospital after getting into a car crash with his dad when they crashed into a moose. When Charlie is asked to go see his dad, Charlie know that he won't live for very long. When Charlie sits next to his dad and tells him that he is here he feels something slipped into his hand. Afterwards Charlie notices that it is a key but he does not know to what. The next day Charlie heres that his uncle who has been locked up in prison for the last twenty years is out and that he is looking for Charlie because of what the key can open. And now Charlie is learning a lot about his dad and the real reason his uncle was locked up. I thought it was a great book. It had an interesting twist that I did not entirely expect.

Rating:4 Better than most

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