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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Scored by Lauren McLaughlin

Colby, 14
Lauren McLaughlin
Random House 2011

Scored by Lauren Mclaughlin takes place in Somerton. A small coastal town thats being used as a trial town by Score Corp. the giant software company that has created a program that is smarter than the human brain and sees everyone and everywhere. The program posts a monthly score for each person based off of how you act and on five major principles. If you score above 90 you are set for life but if you fall below 75 you don't have many options. Imani is a 92 junior at Somerton High with a best friend Cady who is a 72 and falling. Staying friends will hurt Imani's score but that would violate their lifelong pact.

Rating: 5 Hard to imagine a better book

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