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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Flip by Martyn Bedford (3 reviews)

Skyler, 15
Martyn Bedford
Wendy Lamb Books 2011

The book Flip is alright I must say it definately could have been alot better than it was. The ending is kind of what you expect but at the same time you don't expect it. However, I wouldn't recommend this book to very many people if any at all. If you like books with weird spontanious situations this might be an alright book for you.

Rating: 3 Readable

David, 16
Martyn Bedford

This book is about a kid that wakes up in another boys body. The other boy has a way different life he is more muscular athletic and has girlfriends. He doesn't want this life he wants his own body back and will do anything to get it back.

There should be a second one

Rating: 4  Better than most.
Austin,  15
Martyn Bedford

This was a very good book it was baout a boy who wakes upin a different body and a different room and he freaks out. So he tries to figure out what happened. He goes to his old house and learns that Alex (his orginal body) was in a coma. He also learns that there are other people like him  and he is not alone. Getting back is a mystery

I thought this book would be a boring book it was a very good read. Im happy I finished it

Rating: 3  Readable.

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