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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Death Sentence by Alexander Gordon Smith (3 reviews)

Brian, 16
Alexander Gordon Smith
Death Sentence
2011 FSG

The book Death Sentence is the third book in the escape from Furnance series, in this book the main character Alex is taken by the warden and he has the weezers  do surgery on Alex. Alex's has his skin cut open  and the weezer's put a bunch of muscle in him  and fill him with a nectar that makes him crave power. The warden gives Alex a black suit and tells him to kill his friend Zee but he can't do it so he beats up the warden and Alex and Zee get back to the general population of the prison, After that all the inmates go crazy and start a huge riot ....

Rating 4 Q. Better than most.

David, 16
Alexander Gordon Smith
Death Sentence

This book is about Alex getting taken by the weezers and being transformed  in a blacksuit. He has to kill one of his friends to show he is loyal. Then things go wrong and his buddy fidns him turns him back to himself and now he is himself with a black suit body trying to escape again. Can he actually make it this time? Read it and find out.

Best one in the series so far.

Rating: 4 Better than most.
Ashley, 16
Alexander Gordon Smith
Death Sentence

When Alex and his friends attemp to escape from the Furnance. they are caught and Alex suffers the worst of the conaequences. The warden turns him into one of the furnace monsters, like the Hulk of evil steroids. One of his friends before and during the injections of nectar taht he is receiving keeps telling him to remember his name. Will this help? I would highly recommend this book for boys, not really a girl book, but I still really liked it.

Rating: 4  Better than most.

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