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Monday, November 28, 2011

What Boys Really Want by Pete Hautman

AnQi, 13
Pete Hautman
What Boys Really Want
Scholastic Press 2012

So what do boys really want? In Pete Hautman’s unique romantic comedy, humor and reality meet as this question is explored again and again. Hautman perfects the he-said, she-said format in a book where both characters are immensely likable and distinct. The story adds on enjoyment with its true to life situations and is a quick and spunky read. Fans of Flipped will devour this well-written realistic fiction.

Rating: 4 Better than most

Krista, 15
Pete Hauman
What Boys Really Want
Scholastic Press 2012

I like the first part of the book, but when I got to the other part I stopped reading it because it had a lot of bad words and to much drama. It would be a good book if they just took out the bad words and some drama in the book then I would love to read this.

Rating: 3 Readable

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