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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Through Her Eyes by Jennifer Archer

hannah w., 13
Jennifer Archer
Through Her Eyes
harper teens 2011

Tansy is not the normal 16 year old . Her mom is a famous horror writer , so when ever she starts a new book she has to live/be in the perfect setting . When Tansy and her grandpa Dan get dragged to a small town of Cedar Canyon, Texas. It all starts when Tansy’s mom finds a picture of a house in Cedar Canyon and decides to take her family to the house. When Tansy gets there she finds a cellar, the doors unlocked and finds her self wandering down there. While she’s down in the cellar tansy finds a loose step, in which she pries open and finds a journal full of poems, a gold pocket watch, and a diamond pendant. While Tansy is in Cedar Canyon she stars taking pictures more often than she did before. When she looks through the view finder she in looking through a girl named Isabel back when her grandpa was a kid . After the first time Tansy looked through the view finder she starts wondering what is happening, but after a while she figures it out and keeps going back to Isabel’s world. While Tansy is in Isabel’s world she learns more about the mysterious Henry , Henry  is know for committing suicide off the local bridge. So the more she’s Isabel the more she learns about Henry and the clues leading up to his suicide. The more she’s Isabel the more she loses herself in her own world. Throughout the book tansy meets new friends, makes some allies, and crushes on boys. So if your looking for a book that will leave you hanging for more, a fast pace adventous book ,  intertwined with some romance and mystery ,  then this book is for you

Rating: 4 Better than most

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