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Friday, August 19, 2011

Wisdom's Kiss by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Dria,    17  
Catherine Gilbert Murdock  
Wisdom's Kiss      

        To be honest I'm not really sure who this book is about. It's either Trudy or Dizzy. Maybe it's both. Anyway Trudy (Fortitude) is a small village kitchen maid, until Princess Dizzy (Wisdom) and her grandmother pass through her town on the way to see Dizzy's fiance. In the event Trudy must go with them, which she's totally okay with since the love of her life happens to be in the same town. That's basically the plot without any spoilers. The spoilers are what made the book good. I liked the syle in which the book was written, at first it was confuzing jumping from one document to another in order to tell a story but it totally worked in this book.    The last three words made me like this book more than the entire story did. I don't know, it was just pretty average in terms of enjoyability.  

Rating: 3 Readable

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