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Monday, July 4, 2011

Hidden by Helen Frost (3 reviews)

Andrea F.,    18  
Helen Frost  
Hidden        2011

       Wren is eight years old when a man steals her mother's car, not knowing that Wren is hiding in the back seat. Wren hides terrified for hours inside the man's garage and gains a picture of the man and his family by listening to their conversations. Years later Wren is 14 at the summer camp she's been attending for years when Darra, the daughter of the man who kidnapped Wren, moves into Wren's cabin. Soon old wounds rise to the surface and both of them are forced to confront their pasts. Although it was told in free verse form I found Hidden very easy to get into and the flow of poetry carried me quickly through the book. I was impressed by a story that could've been an amateurishly told, the story of abuse and the drama of kidnapping was instead transformed into a powerful story of forgiveness. Unlike most free verse novels which tend to be darker stories for older teens I found Hidden accessible for all ages with a classic voice. 9/10.       

Rating: 5 Hard to imagine a better book

Autumn,    15
Helen Frost

        Hidden is an great book with twists and turns in each part.   

Rating: 3. Readable.
Austin, 15
Helen Frost

This was a very good book about two girls who go to a camp together and in the early part of the book, this girl Darra's dad just stole a car and Wren was in the car but her dad didn't know and they go to camp together and become good friends and at the end she brings Wren home. This is a very good book for people who like intense books.

Rating: 3 Q. Readable.

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