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Monday, August 22, 2011

Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer (2 reviews)

Anqi,     12  
Andrea Cremer  
Penguin Young Readers Group    2011

        I was delightfully surprised after finishing Andrea Cremer's new novel. After reading Nightshade, I decided the only reason I would ever read Wolfsbane would be to figure out what happened after the cliffhanger left in the prequel. (I can never leave cliffhangers just hanging there.) But as I turned the last page of this new addition in the Nightshade series, I couldn't help feeling that I needed to read the next book, and not because it didn't have a big ending (because it did) but it turns out that Wolfsbane is infinitely better than Nightshade. First things first, there were tons of secrets that were revealed in this one. I was gasping at every page because the enormity of each were just so big and monumental to the story. It was a big step up from Nightshade-for some reason, I could almost see what was happening next in her previous book, which really irked me. A warning though; You should definitely read Nightshade before reading Wolfsbane, even if you're not sure you would like it. I read it, and I still got confused with all the terms and action they were throwing around. That's the other thing-this book reads fast. The plot twists and turns with fighting, romance, and gore, and I found myself at the last hundred pages when I was least expecting it. The romance is the only thing that's holding me back from giving it a full five stars. The chemistry between Shay and Calla and Ren and Calla never exactly felt...well, real. I couldn't find myself really detesting or liking either Shay or Ren, which I didn't enjoy. I also thought that Calla's character could be developed more-sometimes she seemed so selfish, while others she seemed like the perfect heroine in every way. Maybe that's the key to a good character-she/he needs to have an equal balance of good or bad-but I still thought she could've been more well-rounded. So, yes... please do read Wolfsbane! It is amazing! I will be eagerly waiting for the next in the series, as I'm sure that other readers will be!      

Rating: 4 Better than most
Anthony,    16 
Andrea Cremer 
Philomel books    2011

       I normally hate all romance novels but Nightshade (the book preceding this one if you didn't know) had just enough action to make it tolerable. This book starts off directly after Nightshade leaves off with Calla imprisoned by the searchers who she learns are actually the good guys. Calla has to learn to cooperate with her previous enemies and save her pack. This book had more intriguing story than the first and I really liked the authors take on werewolves.     

Rating: 5 Hard to imagine a better book

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