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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Welcome to Bordertown edited by Holly Black and Ellen Kushner (5 reviews)

Andrea F.,    18
Multiple Authors edited by Holly Black and Ellen Kushner
Welcome to Bordertown
Random House    2011

          According to the introduction, Bordertown is a concept that originated in the 1980s when urban fantasy was just beginning to get a foothold in the literary world. The concept is this: There is a town between the two Realms, the Realm of Fairy and the Human Realm where runaways from both worlds can begin new lives and where magic and technology only work most of the time and are often combined together to make devices such as motorcycles that run on spellboxes. After the world was created some of the greatest names in fantasy were unleashed to write short stories and poems within Bordertown. Among those great names were Charles de Lint, Terri Windling, Emma Bull, Patricia McKillip, and Will Shetterly who brought their love of rock and roll and elements of the cities they had lived in to create a city where the blood red river water turns you mad and elves and humans are in the best rock and roll bands ever. Their characters became friends, stories crossed over, and everyone managed to contribute something original without straying from the accepted parameters of the world. Unfortunately because there have been no new writings since the 1990s Bordertown has become a little known world to 21st century teen readers. Therefore a new anthology has been formed to introduce the kids who grew up on Harry Potter and Twilight to the wonders of Bordertown. Many of the original anthology writers have contributed as well as some more familiar names for younger readers: Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, Jane Yolen, Alaya Dawn Johnson, and Annette Curtis Klause. Altogether there are 13 short stories, 8 poems, and 1 graphic novel that made a collection of short stories that I could barely put down. I loved Cory Doctorow's story of the struggle to bring the Internet to Bordertown where bytes are transmitted by carrier pigeon and Janni Lee Simner's tale of what happens when two teens raised on Twilight face real vampires and werewolves. Despite the general dislike for short stories I think that teens will embrace Welcome to Bordertown wholeheartedly. Crank up your favorite rock and roll music and go looking for Bordertown.

Rating: 5 Hard to imagine a better book
Anthony,     16 
Many authors 
Welcome to Bordertown 
Random house    2011

            Bordertown is a place on the border between the human and fey (although they prefer trueblood) world. Bordertown was recently lost for thirteen years on the human side but only thirteen days on the borderside. This is a collection of stories from many authors about life on the border. Lots of stories I liked and some I didn't. There is a story for everyone in bordertown. 

Rating4 Better than most
Briana,    16   
Welcome to Bordertown   

       I do not enjoy scary or depressing stories. This book was not a favorite, but it was captivating.    This is a collection of dark and funny stories that made me laugh, cry, and cringe as I read it. I enjoyed some of the stories and suffered thru others. This collections of stories covers numerous types so most people will find at least one story to love and relate to.

Rating: 4 Better than most
Kaysee,    15
23 different authors
Welcome to Bordertown
Random House    2011

          Welcome to Bordertown by twenty-three authors is an outstanding book. While this my be short stories it holds you to the book there are all diffrent types of writing. There is something for everyone in this book no matter what you like to read. The book is a complete stand alone.

Rating: 4 Better than most
Philip, 15
Many Authors
Welcome to bordertown
Random house children books

Welcome To bordertown was a great colection of different storys for the town of bordertown and was a great book

Rating: 4 Better than most

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