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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (2 reviews)

Taryn, 17
Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Trial by Fire
EgmontUSA  2011

even having not read the first book to the raised by wolves series i was hooked in to this book from the start. the mix of suspence and supernatural was enthralling.

Rating: 4 Better than most


Linsey,    15
Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Trial By Fire 
Egmont    2011

        To read this one, you should read the first one it WILL make your life easy. So you can get this book, so you can know what the characters are talking about.    In this  exciting sequel to the book Raised By Wolves Bryn is now  finally  settling in to her position as alpha of the place  called Cedar Ridge Pack. Everything is going fine.... or at least you can get by that. Youre human, and leading a band of werewolves. Everything is fine..... until Bryn finds a teenaged boy who is on her front porch bleeding. Before he passes out he tells her that his name is Lucas. Now Bryn is facing an other werewolf who wants her dead, in the first book. She is not only facing the werewolf who wanted her dead, but now is up against a new threat. Something that Bryn is now is going to face not only one but now two threats. Now she must face that werewolf and this new one, who are different to other humans. Now she must see what she is going to do without getting herself killed or her pack. What is she going to do, and that choices she has to make now.  It was a good read, and it was suspenseful, and had me reading and I couldent put the book done. I am hoping that she might make a third book to this one.  
Rating:  5 Hard to imagine a better book

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