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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fox & Phoenix by Beth Bernobich

Andrea F.,    18
Beth Bernobich
Fox & Phoenix   

          Fox and Phoenix is a mixture of modern technology, ancient Chinese mythology, and magic. It follows Kai, former street prince who became friends with the Princess of his kingdom and is now a respectable kid. Unfortunately the king is dying and the princess cannot be contacted at the university where she is studying in another kingdom. Kai is sent to find the princess and bring her home to help cure her father's mysterious illness. Along for the trip is Kai's best friend who might be his girl friend, Kai's cheeky pig spirit companion, and a stuffed, reanimated tiny griffin. Along the way signs that something is very wrong through out the kingdoms appear. The entire magical supply of towns is drying up. Assassins try to kill Kai and his friends multiple times. What was once a simple mission quickly changes into a deadly political game. This book was not memorable partly because the author was not willing to take advantage of the great resource she found for her book's world. Chinese mythology and modern technology should've created a rich, expansive world. It did to a degree, but the author was not willing to world build enough to make the world memorable. Fine, I've read many books that did not have interesting worlds but I still enjoyed them. However, they usually made up for the lack of world by creating complex situations or deep characters. This author did neither. It made for a mildly entertaining but instantly forgettable book.

Rating: 3 Readable

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