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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The FitzOsbournes in Exile by Michelle Cooper

Andrea F.,    18  
Michelle Cooper  
The FitzOsbournes in Exile  
Alfred A. Knopf    2011

          The sequel to "A Brief History of Montmaray", this book picks up right where "A Brief History" left off. Sophie and the rest of the royal family of Montmaray, the tiniest country in the world with only 10 or so inhabitants, have been forced to leave their beloved, broken down castle by an invasion of Nazis. Turns out Montmaray is a perfect strategical point for Nazi planes to land on their way to Spain. Sophie and her independent cousins are now living with their Aunt Charlotte who has happily forgotten Montmaray and whose only goal in life seems to be marrying off her young relatives to earls and baronesses. However Sophie and her best friend and cousin Veronica are not so willing to give up Montmaray. They try everything in their power to prove that not only have Nazis invaded their home, but that giving the Nazis this strategical point is a danger to all of Europe. The problem is it's hard to convince someone of the grievous harm done when all they want to know is: "What is Montmaray again? Some kind of cheese?" An excellent sequel to "A Brief History of Montmaray." Plenty of humor, excellent historical facts (if you ignore that Montmaray isn't a real place), and political intrigue. Sophie's voice conveyed through her journal is once again a pleasure to read. Her bluntness and mostly sensible, but at times silly teenage girl behavior makes her an instantly likable character. I would recommend reading the first book before reading this one but it is possible for this one to be stand alone.  

Rating: 5 Hard to imagine a better book

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