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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Romeo and Juliet Code by Phoebe Stone

Kaysee,    14   
Phoebe Stone   
The Romeo and Juliet Code   
Scholastic Inc.    2011       

Romeo and Juliet Code is one of the many secrets in this World War 2 setting. When Felicity is shipped off to Bottle Bay, Main to stay with her dad’s family that she has never meet. Felicity finds more and more secrets rather than answers. One of the main questions is “why is my dad sending letters to Uncle Gideon and not me”. When a secret person named Mr. Donovan shows up asking about the letters only to her uncle Gideon. While the writing was done extremely well however, the plot was just leaving you with most of the questions answered there were new questions that made the book not really have an ending in the end. While so of the love interest was fun to read over the entire book was just hanging in the end. This book will be so much better if there was a sequel that tied up the loose ends of the book. Finally there the cover was very misleading to what the book was going to be like.       

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