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Monday, April 11, 2011

Drought by Pam Bachorz

Anqi,     12
Pam Bachorz
Egmont USA    2011

       Ruby is a two hundred year old girl in a seventeen year old body. Along with the rest of the community of the people that call themselves the Congregants, they slave for water off of the woodland plants for a cruel man named Darwin West, who beats them brutally with chains if their quota is not met. The water on the plants is special-drinking the Water will allow you to age slowly, very slowly, and heal your wounds quickly. But Ruby has a secret. It is not really the water off the plants that have magical components-it is her blood, which she has inherited from her father Otto, the man who the Congregants all worship. To protect her secret, her mother made up the story, long ago, that the plant's water, only that, would allow you to stay alive for hundreds and hundreds of year. And so they spoon off the water, year after year, through droughts and disasters, waiting for Otto, their savior, to come and rescue them from this horrible slave compound.

Drought was an okay kind of book. I trudged through it only because I thought it would get better, but the characters remained flat, the plot slow, and the culture of the people different and a bit scary. Ruby was a whiny and selfish protagonist, always thinking about herself instead of the Congregants, the people she was leader of. The romance was obvious, which did not make things exciting, and the people, especially Ruby's mother, was too bitter in my opinion. The way Drought ended made me certain there was going to be a sequel, and I look forward to it, though I do hope it is written much better than its prequel had been.

Rating:   3 Readable

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