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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Dark and Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan

Andrea F.,    18 
Carrie Ryan 
The Dark and Hollow Places 
Delacorte Press    2011

       Unlike the Dead Tossed Waves this is a direct sequel instead of jumping forward fifteen or so years. Annah watches as her once safe world slowly crumbles. Her best friend Elias left 3 years ago to join the Recruiters but he should've been back over a year ago. The Dark City, the best stronghold against the undead is now ruled by a corrupt faction of Recruiters while the streets grow more dangerous. And the guilt for abandoning her twin sister Abigail twelve years ago has been growing, so rapidly in fact that Annah decides to leave the Dark City to search for her. But on her way out of the city she sees Abigail entering the city and is immediately captured by the Recruiters. Annah has not allowed herself to care about anyone since Elias left but she will not abandon her sister again. But how can she love anyone again when there is so much pain accompanying it?

Zombie books are not unique but Carrie Ryan's are. The beauty and anguish of her writing with an underlying note of hope entrances the reader. How can you have hope in this world where you could die any day from a bite or because somebody wants your blanket? Because hope is all that separates you from the undead. Not to say that this book is not grim. There is plenty of graphic content and the moral dilemmas accompanying the often necessary violence. But the hope, beauty, and love make these books worth reading a thousand times over. Once again Carrie Ryan has surpassed herself in her writing. Each book in this trilogy has gotten progressively better as the ties of family and love are woven ever tighter between the characters. 9/10.    

Rating: 4 Better than most


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