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Thursday, April 21, 2011

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

Anqi,     12   
Cassandra Clare   
City of Fallen Angels   
Margaret K. McElderry    2011          

I sincerely wanted to give this book a cheering review, exclaiming all about its many wonders and great writing. Unfortunately, all I can give it is half-hearted euphemism because I was a bit disappointed. Well, more like exasperated.

City of Fallen Angels is the fourth book in the bestselling Mortal Instruments series, featuring Jace and Clary as our protagonists. Though I was as excited as anybody else for this book to come out, there was a nagging doubt in the back of my mind about the quality of this fourth book. After all, Cassandra Clare had practically concluded the series by resolving the conflict back in the first three books, so why would there be a fourth one?

As I heard someone say, City of Fallen Angels is probably a big, drawn out epilogue. However, it introduces new plot and characters, and I believe that there are two more books that follow this conflict. I enjoyed it, for the most part, but frankly it was very slow throughout the beginning, and there was less 'magic' so to speak, and fantasy than I would've liked. I also didn't like the realization I had somewhere in the middle-in every book, Cassandra Clare tries to force Clary and Jace apart, by curse, possession, or the socially tabooed act of incest. I'm getting kind of tired of it.

So, for the most part, City of Fallen Angels was okay, and I liked it as a whole. I'd liked to see what she does with the fifth book in this series, and I'm looking forward to it.

Rating:   3 Readable

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