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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Karma by Cathy Ostlere

Anqi ,    12  
Cathy Ostlere  
Razorbill    2011          

   Cathy Ostlere brings to life a moving and rich post World War II novel about a girl named Jiva who must struggle to find her father in the religiously divided country of India. Throughout the book, elements of romance, historical fiction, and a coming-of-age story are all woven into this novel that tells its tale through angelic and detailed prose.

Jiva, who's name means 'life', has always been different, even in her home country of India, where her ancestors are derived from. For one thing, her mother is Hindu, and her father is Sikh-religions that continuously battle each other for supremacy in the Asian country. And even though Jiva is Indian, her family leads a life in Canada so as to avoid the religious turmoil in her parents' homes. When one day Jiva discovers her mother's body after commiting suicide, her father decides that they must go back to India to lay her mother's ashes to rest.

Jiva's journey thoughout this dramatic and intricate story leads to disaster, hope, and renewal. You will find yourself drawn into the magnificent world that is Jiva's, and urge yourself to read until you are finished and satisfied with Jiva's outcome. Though confusing with countless flashblacks and time lapses, Karma is a book that will weave you through a journey that moves and swells with emotion and philosophy.

Rating:4 Better than most

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  1. I am the author Cathy Ostlere. Writing the book has been an exciting journey. Thank you for the review and sharing your thoughts!