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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Throat by R. A. Nelson (2 reviews)

Linsey,    15   
R.A. Nelson   
Alfred A. Knopf    2011 

           Throat its about a girl named Emma, and she has something that, she calls a curse. What she has is Epilipsy, which cause her to have a unpredictable seizures to time to time. Well any way, one day she was about to go to her game. And when its in the middle of her game somethings happens, and she gets mad and takes her moms car. As she gets away, she crashes. She does’nt get hurt, as she get out to look what happen. A man comes up and dose something to her, and she wakes up in the hospital. Emma has a big cut on her leg. As she heals, she stars to get things like, her seeing is much better, and she has a lot of power. Now she starts wondering what she is, and why does she have all this power?  

Rating: 4 Better than most
JoeAnna,    15  
R. A. Nelson  
knopf    2010

           This was an outstanding book about a girl who has a 'curse' which saves her when a vampire attacks her. Now she's somewhat become a vampire herself, only she wont die if she steps into the sun and she doesn't need to drink blood to live. Unfortunatly, she insulted the guy who changed her so now he wants her dead at all costs. In order to keep her family safe she runs away from home and stays at an abanded tower where she meets a boy, and you can pretty much guess what happens then. I would recomend this story to those who love fantasy, action and a little romance  

Rating: 4 Better than most

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