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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sweetly by Jackson Pearce

Andrea F. ,   17 
Jackson Pearce 
Little, Brown and Company    2011

        Sweetly is a modern revisioning of the classic fairytale Hansel and Gretel. Ansel and Gretchen are kicked out of their stepmother's house after their 18th birthdays, and they stumble upon a dying Southern town where they find a sympathetic girl named Sophia who invites them to live with her in her sweetshop. Some say that the only hope for the revival of the tiny town is Sophia's magical tasting candies, but other inhabitants say that Sophia is the doom of the town. Girls disappear at Sophia's annual chocolate festival and are never heard from again. Ansel and Gretchen cannot possibly believe that sweet Sophia has anything to do with their disappearances, but soon Gretchen suspects otherwise. A danger lurks in the forest surrounding Sophia's house, a danger from Ansel and Gretchen's past. A mouthwatering book that made me run to my secret supply of good dark chocolate and savor it as I read, Sweetly is a delight. It retains the feel of a good, old fashioned fairy tale but it's not afraid to be original and to add material.

Rating: 4 Better than most

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