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Monday, April 11, 2011

Pull, B.A. Binns (5 reviews)

Allana,    14   
B.A. Binns   
WestSide Books    2010

        Pull is a teen novel about a teen age boy whose mother has recently been killed by his own father. After the tragedy David and his sisters are sent to live with their less than happy Aunt in Chicago. This new school only brings more problems to David such as girls, less time for work, and a basketball coach who keeps on his case. When David finds himself in trouble with the school after a fight, his only options are basketball or expulsion. Now he has to keep up with basketball (his dream), working to pay the rent, and taking care of his two little sisters. This book is more for teens and would probably be read most by boys.     Language and contents make the book a high school not middle school read.   

Rating: 4 Better than most
Kayla,    16  
B.A, Binns  

          I personally liked this book alot. It was very exciting and I would recommend it to a friend.  

Rating: 4 Q. Better than most.

Heather,    16  
B.A. Binns  
West Side Book    2010
            I absolutely loved this book, very appealing, mind gripping, realistic and a page turner. VERY AWESOME BOOK!!!  

Rating: 5. Hard to imagine a better book.
Kenny,    17  
B.A. Binns  
West Side Books    2010
           Extremely interesting. Keeps reader intranced it goes from one extreme to the next. I would recommend only to certain young groups  

Rating: 4. Better than most.
Logan,    13
B.A. Binns
West Side Books    2010

            I read Tyrell 1st so this didnt measure up. THis book really discribed every detail and you could feel the struggle
Rating: 3 . Readable.

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