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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Ivy by Lauren Kunze & Rina Onur (2 reviews)

Makenzie.    15 
Lauren Kunze & Rina Onur 
The Ivy 
Greenwillow  2010

        I would recommend this book to all girls. My favorite part of this book is that it could really happen to you. And, it made you feel like you were in this group.        This is a fantastic book! 

Rating: 4 Q. Better than most.

Kady,    17  
Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur  
The Ivy  
Harper Collins  

       This book was great and makes me want to read more. I am going to look and see if there are anymore books by these authors.     I definitly give the book two thumbs up! I would reccomend the book to any teenage girl who likes to read hilarious, cute, somewhat romantic, and reliable books. The book was good because it never got boring and had suspensful turns and left me wanting more. The book has some crazy fun filled stories about college that you don't want to miss.  

Rating: 4 Q. Better than most.

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