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Friday, February 11, 2011

From Bad to Cursed by Katie Alender

Kate R.,    13   
Katie Alender   
From Bad to Cursed       
Hyperion 2011  

        This was the sequel to Bad Girls Don't Die, one of my most favorite ghost stories of all time. However, this did NOT live up to its predecessor. The plot could be boring at times, and parts meant to be "scary" actually had me laughing. For readers of the first book: Kasey has just returned from a mental institution, and is ready for her first day of high school. Alexis tries to help her out, but Kasey doesn't want the assistance. At first, she is a little out of place. Then, she joins the mysterious Sunshine Club... The name of the club alone had me rolling my eyes. Alexis has many faults, and not everything was wrapped up. The ending made it obvious that there would be a third book, but I really doubt I would read it. For those who haven't read the first book, I suggest you stop at that one...   

Rating: 2 Needs work

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  1. My daughter loved this book also had to have it after reading another book in the series read each book in less than two days each.