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Friday, February 11, 2011

Almost True by Keren David

Andrea F.,    17
Keren David
Almost True
Frances Lincoln Children's Books    2010

          In the sequel to When I Was Joe, we pick up almost immediately where we left off. Ty has been moved to a new home through the witness protection program after seeing his best friend (whose family happens to be big in the crime world) commit a murder, and Ty is the star witness for the prosecution. In the previous book Ty has already been relocated once but I won't spoil it by telling you why he had to move again. Almost immediately after the new move hitmen show up and kill a man who they thought was Ty. Ty's family decides they've had enough of incompetent police protection and take him into hiding with friends and family Ty didn't know existed. Soon new secrets spill out like the truth about why Ty hasn't seen his father in years, and secrets Ty has been hiding from the police. Ty's paranoia levels rapidly increase throughout the story and he doesn't know who to trust anymore, not even his own family. I found the first book to be more exciting and interesting than the second. In the first Ty was out and about doing things, going to school, making friends, getting in fights. In the second he mostly sits around the house and digs into his family's past. This book is still worth reading but it's a let down after the first. 8/10.

Rating: 4 Better than most

Josef. 15
Karen David
Almost True

This book is the sequel of When I was Joe this book is also really good and has a lot of life lessons init like parent problems, when you are wanted by other people what do you do, and what do you do when an innocent person gets killed for you. I would recommend this book to others

Rating 4. Better than most.
Josef, 15
Keren David
When I Was Joe

This book was really good it starts off a little bit confusing but it gets really good. I would recommend this  book to someone because it has a lot of lessons in it like telling the truth. Thia it is a life going book

Rating: 4. Better than most.


Shaelynn, 13
Keren David
When I was Joe

THis book was about a kid named Joe and he moved a lot of places. I wish i could move a lot of places This was a very good book. I really enjoyed it.

Rating: 3. Readable.

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