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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Accomplice by Eireann Corrigan

Kate,    13   
Eireann Corriagan   

           To start off, let me just say that I immensely enjoyed this book. Accomplice was about a pair of teenage girls named Finley (Finn) and Chloe.  One day, the "College Guidance Lady" comes to their high school and talks to them about applying for scholarships. She basically tells them that they may be straight A students, and they may write brilliant essays, but there are thousands of other smart students out there. Finn and Chloe decide that they need to do something big and brilliant so that the colleges will notice them. Thus begins the plan... They decide to have Chloe go "missing" and start a national scandal. When Finn miraculously "finds" her missing best friend, the colleges have got to take notice of them, right? However, things don't work out exactly as planned... At first, the plot seems a bit far-fetched. The characters (especially Chloe) can be overdramatic and a little fake. I LOVED the surprise ending, however. Allow yourself to get into the book before putting it down, and trust me, you are in for an exciting read!   

Rating: 4 Better than most

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