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Monday, February 21, 2011

13 Curses by Michelle Harrison

Anqi,     12  
Michelle Harrison  
13 Curses  
Little, Brown     2011

           I've waited eagerly for this book ever since I stumbled upon a copy of The Thirteen Treasures (the previous book) at the local library. As The Thirteen Treasures series is an originally UK published book, almost all three books in the trilogy have been released in England. Although the age group that the Thirteen Treasures series is directed at is about 10 and up, I feel as if the only reason why this wouldn't appeal to teens is just the lack of more mature themes, (such as maybe romance and other stuff,) but I think this would definitely be something teenagers might enjoy just as a quick and light read. The Thirteen Curses begins right after The Thirteen Treasures left off. In The Thirteen Treasures, Tanya, one of the rare people in the world who have the second sight, is tormented by fairies- and they're not fairy tale fairies either. These are ugly, twisted beings, who enjoy stealing human children from our world and also playing deadly pranks on people who have the second sight. After an accident with fairies at their house, Tanya's mother decides to let her live at her grandmother's residence, a creepy, chilling mansion called Elvesden Manor. When Tanya arrives, she discovers that the house is absolutely infested with fey (another term for fairies) and is sad to find that nobody else who lives there can see them. Following right after is a chilling mystery that Tanya must solve with the help of Fabian, the caretaker's son, or Tanya is doomed to be stuck-forever- in the gruesome fairy realm. For people who still want to read the first book in the series, I will try to spare any spoilers regarding the sequel. The Thirteen Curses, in my opinion, had a very slow beginning. I felt as if the author labored too much on the details that had happened in the previous book and was trying to refresh the reader's memory a little too much. The writing was also a little jittery here, as if Ms. Harrison was getting used to writing again. There were some very gradual moving and unnecessary scenes, although eventually the writing lead to real plot. This happened at about more than halfway, sadly to say. By this point, the plot moved and got just faster and faster, and along the way, more fey lore popped up which was a plus to me. Also, the darkness of the general tale was also found here, which added to the mystique and interest. I couldn't put this book down by the time it got here. At the end, I cried (and I never cry at books) because the ending was very sentimental and sad. I felt as if Ms. Harrison just got better and better with every page you turned. I'm so very excited for the next book in the series, The Thirteen Secrets. I will be waiting eagerly for the United States release, and ecstatic for what Michelle Harrison comes up with next to put our daring heroes and heroines in another dark fairy tale.  

Rating: 4 Better than most

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  1. Wonderful review, Anqi. Sounds like I should get the series for East's library!