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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hex Hall: Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins (2 reviews)

Briana,    16   
Rachael Hawkins   
Demonglass        2011

        The second book in the Hex Hall series was a decent continuation of the first book. But, I felt that it could've had more to it. The first book resolved problems. This book didn't seem to have a plot to it until the end. But it was a good read.       

Rating: 4 Better than most
Anqi,     12  
Rachel Hawkins     
Hex Hall: Demonglass  
Hyperion    2011
   Demonglass was a disappointing novel after Hex Hall. I imagined more of the excellent character development that the previous book had, and an original plot and premise from the now cliched romance stories of today. Sadly, there was little, if none of that. Demonglass takes off right after the ending of Hex Hall. Sophie is moving to England for the summer, with her father, who she has never met until now. Coming along is Jenna and Cal, where very early on Sophie learns a worrying secret about. They spend the summer in troubling anxiety, learning that the Eye is getting closer than ever to the Council. While the plot had many twists and turns, they were gradual twist and turns. You had a crawling notion at the beginning of the book, and then at the end, your fears were confirmed. While many other books can do this expertly and still not lose interest in the reader, Demonglass tried, and failed in the process. There was also a lot less action than I wanted there to be, as there are only a few scenes in which the Eye and and the Council come together and fight. Most of the action appeared in the end, and by then, was long overdue. There are also a few tidbits of information throughout the book that are unnecessary and don't contribute to the plot at all. They were unneeded, and also a bit annoying. Sophie's personality was even less appeasing. Most of the book, she sounded like a selfish girl, meeting Archer, her love interest, even though she knew he was part of the Eye. I thought that was only there for romance sake, although some of it contributed to the plot. The romance itself was unrealistic between Archer and Sophie. Although they met and got to know each other in the first book, there are no real feelings in this one. I did not think the second book lived up at all to the first one. I hope the third book (as it is certain that there will be a third one) will be at least better than the second.   

3 Readable

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