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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Eternal Ones by Kristen Miller (3 reviews)

Danielle,    15   
Kirsten Miller   
The Eternal Ones   
Razorbill    2010      

    The Eternal Ones is about a girl named Haven Moore. When she was little she kept having these strange dreams about a boy named Ethan. As she got older she managed to repress these visions after her father was in a car crash that killed him. In her town she is seen as being possessed by the devil and gets help from an unlikely source. One day while watching TV she sees a face that she recognizes. His name is Iain Marrow and she knows that he is her long lost Ethan. When she finally meets him however, everything is not as it seems. She meets the Ouroboros Society who revel secrets that has her doubting everything she knows. Who is Iain Marrow and who can she trust?   

Rating: 4 Better than most
Ursula,    18 
The Eternal Ones 
Kristen Miller 
Penguin Young Readers Group    2010

    Haven Moore wants to get out of her small town and go to New York, but her controlling Grandmother won't allow it.  Then she sees a man on television who she feels she has met before.  Soon, she is introduced to a secret society of people who are all trying to remember their past lives.
Rating: 4 Better than most.

Jordan,    17  
The Eternal Ones 
Razorbill    2010

           Very intense reading! This book had me on the edge, I couldn't put it down!!  

Rating: 5. Hard to imagine a better book.

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