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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Water Seeker by Kimberly Willis Holt

Hope P.     15  Kimberly Willis Holt 
The Water Seeker 
Henry Holt and Company    2010

          Amos Kincaid is the dowser’s son; his father can find water at anytime, armed with only his sticks. In the 1800‘s West, this is a valuable skill, especially for people trying to build farms. Amos has inherited this skill, but is it a blessing or a curse?  Through this true-to-life novel, Amos learns to deal with death and new life, loss and gain, love and heartbreak, and ultimately, who he truly is. This was a good historical fiction, with a hint of supernatural,  a hint of mystery, and a lot of heart. I liked this novel and would recommend it for any historical fiction fan.
 Walter,    17  
Kimberly Holt  
The Dowser's Son aka The Water Seeker  

           For people that like love and emphathy. this is a good book for you.    This book is very depressing and slow. Has a great story lone but lots of sorrow and sadness. The ending makes it happy and makes the story better.

Rating:   3 Q. Readable.

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