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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Torment by Lauren Kate

Anqi, 12   
Lauren Kate   
Delacorte Press    2010 

      When reading the first book, Fallen, I was a bit disappointed to see that most of the action was missing from it, and that nothing really happened until a couple chapters before the last page. However, when finishing the book, I was glad to feel compelled to read the next one. When picking up Torment, I expected something along the lines of Fallen- it couldn’t have surprised me more. Torment continues the life of Lucinda Price, who has a fallen angel boyfriend named Daniel Grigori- and who also, as she learns in book one, is a present reincarnation of several past lives. This book was a thrilling concoction of human emotions and captivating lore, which was more than Fallen had. I thought that Luce developed more as a character, and that we saw more aspects of her than I thought possible. There was also a stronger plot line here: I could hardly tell what was going to happen next, and there were quite a few surprises that caught me off guard. This definitely has more colorful characters, and the plot doesn’t revolve around Luce and Daniel’s relationship as it did in Fallen, which I was glad of. There was also a lot more ‘magic’ than in the first book, and I thought that was great. I’m so happy to have read Torment, and now I’m very excited to continue on to the next book. I thought this was a huge leap forward from Lauren Kate’s last book, Fallen. Good job!       
Rating:4 Better than most

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