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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Invincible Summer by Hanna Moskowitz

Rebecca R., 16   
Hanna Moskowitz
Invincible Summer             2011  
        You could say that the book Invincible Summer was a good book. That would be a lie however. The book was well written, as in the words we well put together. The story itself was not a good one.  This book was not written for a fourteen year old, which is the target audience.  There are some scenes of the book that just do not fit with the book and others that should not be in a book of young teens at all.  Two brothers having sex with the same girl is not something that most people want to read about. I have absolutely no clue who the target audience for this book is. It is not most teenagers, that is the one thing that I am shore of.    

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