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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Blending Time by Michael Kinch

Ursula N. ,   18   
Michael Kinch   
The Blending Time    
Flux    2010   

    Many years from now, our world is a mess.  When you turn seventeen, you have to get a job, or else you'll end up working in places that might kill you.  Three teenagers, Jaym, D'Shay, and Rena, who all come from different backgrounds, find friendship in each other as they, along with others, are sent to Africa to become apart of the SUN Blending program, which is trying to repopulate Africa after a number of devastating wars, plagues, and even a solar flare have damaged it.  But with a number of renegades who would do anything to destroy the Blending program, the three must find the courage to make it through, and possibly find sanctuary.    It's really gripping, and it kind of reminded me of Restoring Harmony.

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