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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Last Summer of the Death Warriors, Francisco X. Stork

Reader Angelo
Age 13
Today's date 11/1/10
Author Francisco X. Stork
Title The Last Summer of the Death Warriors
Publisher Arthur A. Levine Books
Publication date 2010
My review: A sad tale of a cancered boy named D.Q. and his new found friend Pancho. It takes place in a mexican theme place hotel and hospital. DQ's mom married a very succesful lawyer and wants him to try and be healed. He has only 6 months to live and wants to spend his life to its fullest. His mom wants him to stay with her and try to be healed while he wants to live life to the best.And in the middle of it all is Pancho. Pancho's sister died in a motel with someone else. That person gave her the thing that almost took her life before. Pancho vowed from then on that he would kill that person.
Would you nominate this book for an award? yes
How much do you read? I read all the time
Quality 4Q Better than most
Popularity 3P Some Teen appeal

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