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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fallout by Ellen Hopkins (3 reviews)

Austin, 15
Ellen Hopkins

This was a great book to end the trilogy. It is a story of Kristina's three oldest children and how more them don't know their mom or know they have brothers and sisters. But throughout the book they start learning that they have 4 other siblings. They were trying to meet them all and at Christmas they all come together but its not how they expected. If you read all three books and follow them the book fits right in its place and I think it was a really good way to end the trilogy.
Rating: 5  Hard to imagine a better book.
Travis, 14
Ellen Hopkins

Fallout is a real life story about meth and how it can effect a family so itis very graphic and not for young readers. It tracks the children of a girl that got hooked on meth.

Rating: 4 Q. Better than most.


Stormie, 18        
Ellen Hopkins     
Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing    
I think this was an okay book but not the best Ellen Hopkins has written. I was expecting a lot out of this book that's why I was disappointed when it took me what seems like forever to read.
3 Q. Readable.   4 P. Broad general appeal. I read a couple books a year.

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