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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pegasus by Robin McKinley

8/4/2010 2:08:41 PM
Andrea F.
Robin McKinley
G. P. Putnam's Sons
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4 Better than most
Despite being allied to the pegasi for over a thousand years, the people of Balsinland know very little about them. They know that they are incredibly graceful, intelligent, beautiful, and almost impossible to communicate with. The only ones who can really talk to each other are the human magicians and the pegasus shamans. So when Sylvi, princess of Balsinland, is ritually bonded to the pegasus king’s son Ebon she is astonished to discover she can telepathically speak with him. The idea that humans and pegasi can truly speak to each other is a story that has not even been imagined by the bards. And as a consequence Sylvi and Ebon gain powerful enemies by their “unnatural” bond. As Sylvi learns more, becoming the first human to actually understand the pegasi, her country is attacked by rocs, taralains, and all sorts of nasty beasties. The one downside I can think of in this book is that it was very difficult to get into. I only persevered because I like Robin McKinley, otherwise I probably would’ve stopped after the first 20 pages. But once you got past the opening history the story was fascinating. The pegasi are totally alien to humans despite being in contact for a thousand years. All of their art, history, food, and thoughts are so different, so interesting. I’m looking forward to the sequel so I can learn more about this new world of Balsinland.

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