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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins (3 reviews)

Anqi, 12    
Hex Hall  
Rachel Hawkins  
Disney Hyperion     2010
    Hex Hall is about a protagonist named Sophie Mercer, who, not until three years ago, knew she was a witch. Now, she’s sixteen, and after a bad love spell gone horribly wrong, her father has decided she would be better off if she was sent to Hecate Hall, better known as Hex Hall, a sort of reform school for all Prodigium, which are fairies, witches and warlocks, and also shape shifters. At Hex Hall, Sophie will meet so many surprising people- like a vampire who turns out to be her best friend, and which everybody else practically hates. There’s a guy named Archer, who turns out to be an arrogant, but okay guy. And then there’s Elonie, (rhymes with Melody,) who seems to hate Sophie’s guts. And now Sophie’s learning that, even though she was shunned when she tried to fit in with humans, that maybe she doesn’t even belong in a group of misfits. As Sophie grows in her personality and charm through Hex Hall, follow her as she travels through this poignant and thrilling journey as Sophie discovers what she actually is, and what matters at heart.     When I first started this book, I didn’t think it was very interesting. Admittedly, the beginning was very slow, but Sophie seemed a very funny character, which was satisfying to me. Gradually, I got over the beginning, and that was where the plot started heating up and Sophie’s character and personality started developing a lot. There were a lot of little twists and turns in the plot, and there were lots of little aspects to Sophie’s personality that I found appealing and eager to read about. For one thing, Sophie seemed like a real teenager, with all her moodiness and a strong tumbling of all her feelings all the time. The romance was equally welcomed between Sophie and a tall, dark teen named Archer, not only adding to how interesting this book was, but also adding strongly to the plot. All in all, I thought this was an amazing book, and although it could’ve had a better writing style, I thought it was an amazing story to read. I will be eagerly waiting for Demonglass! ☺      
Rating: 4 Better than most


Vickie, 12
Rachel Hawkins
Hex Hall
How would you rate this book?
4 Better than most
I enjoyed almost every moment of the book. Each chapter had been extremely well thought out. Rachel Hawkins wrapped it up really well, and just had everything set at a perfect pace.

Ursula,    18   
Rachel Hawkins   
Hex Hall   
Hyperion Books    2010

       Overall, it was a pretty predictable plot.    So, to summarize the plot of this book, we take the plot of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets + The House of Night setting Sophia has known for three years, but it's actually four years she's known she's a witch.  She causes a love spell to go horribly wrong and ends up in a reformatory school for people like her who are called Prodigium (descendants of angels, and they are witches, faeries, and shape shifters).  Then a series of attacks happen, and her room-mate, a vampire, is suspected. I thought this book was pretty typical for its genre, but I liked the characters, and the way the school was portrayed felt more realistic, but it somewhat reminded me of a soap-opera.   

Rating: 3 Readable

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