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Monday, April 11, 2011

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce (3 reviews)

James,    15   
Jackson Pearce   
Sisters Red     

              I thought this was a great book it makes you want to keep reading and brings a great spin to little red riding hood.

Rating: 4 Q. Better than most.

6/16/2010 3:56:26 PM
Jackson Pearce
Sisters Red
Little, Brown and Company

It was a very interesting read. It is a great example of the closeness of siblings and how they will protect each other.
5 Hard to imagine a better book
Travis,    17  
Jackson Pearce  
Sisters Red                  

 A very twisted tale of little red riding hood.Involving werewolves and woodsmen duking it out over long streches of land  

Rating: 5 Q. Hard to imagine a better book.

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