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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dream Life by Lauren Mechling

Dream Life
Lauren Mechling

Hope P., 14

Describe the most compelling aspect of the book:
Claire's grandmother Kiki is humorous and very, very clever. Her advice always seems to work. It's so much fun to read.
Should this be nominated for Teens' Top Ten? Why?
4 Better than most

Claire Voyante (Don't fault her for it, it's not her fault her parents named her absent mindedly) has never been the popular girl at Hudson High, also known as the school of the smart. But that's okay with her. She has her best friend Becca (who has an insanly cute brother) and her dream adventures. It appears that Claire's ultra-chic (in the 30's) grandmother Kiki has passed on to her a cameo necklace that sharpens the power to dream things that are going to happen in life. But here's the catch: they aren't clear. For example, if she needs help with a problem, and the solution involves a cell phone, she will have a black and white dream about an apple. As if her double-meaning dreams aren't weird enough, Claire begins to feel that Becca is ditching her for a secret society called the Blue Moons. Even when Claire is invited to join, what the club actually does is still mysterious. And they have secret enemies. And now, it seems Claire is in not so mysterious danger. This book was fun and interesting.

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