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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wish by Alexandra Bullen

Hope P., 14 11/4/2009 3:26:55 PM
Alexandra Bullen
Scholastic Inc.
Describe the most compelling aspect of the book: Olivia Larson was a very real girl going through a very real hardship with a little unreal help. It was definantly a pulling read, and that made it very compelling.
Rating? 4 Better than most
Additional Comments/ Review: Olivia Larson has to live with something most teens would shudder to think about: the death of her twin sister. They had been inseperable since birth, doing everything together, going everywhere together. But one summer that all changed. Olivia's parents decide to move to San Fransico, leaving behind everything Olivia ever knew. She tries to make friends, but it's not easy. Everyone learns about her sister Violet's death, and then they have no idea how to react. Her mother tries to make her fit in. One night she tells everyone she's bringing Olivia to an office party. Olivia has nothing to wear (isn't that a comman thing with girls?) so she does something she never thought she'd do. She takes one of her sister's dresses to a dressmakers to be fixed. The dressmaker, a mysterious girl named Posey, agrees to fix the dress. But the dress Olivia gets in return is not Violet's dress. It is a strange black dress with a silver butterfly on it. Olivia no choice but to wear it. After an aweful evening, she whispers "I wish I had my sister back." The butterfly seems to fly off her dress and into the night. As you can imagine, Olivia is pretty freaked out. Imagine how much more freaked out she is when she wakes up to find her wish come true.....in a sense. (Don't worry, this all happens in the first few chapters, I'm not giving anything major away.) This book was full of paradoxes. For example, it was funny, but sad at the same time. The story line is fantistical, but seems as if it could happen in real life. I loved this book. I think anyone, boy or girl, young or old will enjoy it. That said, I have to admit there were a few unnessecary words and a few bottles of underage beer. Othere then those slight mars, this was a beautifully touching book.
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  1. This book really was wonderful, with its deep plot, believable characters, and cute idea of magical butterflies. The beautiful cover art was what really struck the thought that I must have it. It itself could be interpreted in so many ways that it practically was its own story, minus the words. Anyway, the main book itself was kind of slow in the beginning, and I almost gave up. But then a page caught me again and brought me back to my senses, and I instantly loved it; it just surpassed what I thought it would be. Even now, long after I've finished the book, I'd find myself flipping back to certain pages, certain scenes, almost as if it was a very old photo album that I've recently rediscovered in the attic.

    But of course, with every book, there are mistakes or things that just didn't appeal. For example, the writing was far too detailed. I believe that a book is a place where the reader is able to travel with their own, unique mind and play the book their own way. However, despite the strong vocabulary, it didn't live up to that. It was all set: the clothes, the furniture placements, the food/drinks, etc. It might not seem that bothersome, it still irked me. Plus, there were some unnecessary phrases or words that were stuck in some places that they really didn't belong in.

    Overall, this story is simply stunning for a debut novel, and I'm looking forward to fresh, new ideas from this talented new author!

  2. i have to read this book for a prodject. i think its very good so far.i have been reading some bad comments but everybody has different opinions i guess. its to bad for me though because i have to read pretty much the whole thing in one day, so i need a little help from the internet.....plus im a teen...and i dont like to read that often so just sitting down after a hard day at school and reading a whole book really wasnt my plan. but its my fault because i started reading it really late.. anyway really good book and ts compelling. it has a good plot. hahaha hope i get it done!!!