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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Hunchback Assignments by Arthur Slade

Trina, 12 11/9/2009 2:57:53 PM
Arthur Slade
The Hunchback Assignments
Random House Inc. 2009
Should this be nominated for Teens' Top Ten? Why? Yes It gives action, history, and it makes your mind run wild
Rating? 5 Hard to imagine a better book
Annotation: Imagine, surviving the streets of London with only the knowledge of sneaking into the night and looking like a monster. Your only way to survive is the creation of a gift of transforming your body to look like another, what would you think. Well, Modo can imagine it, because it happened to him. Used for a freak show, Modo has survived by a mad man, who took care of him for twelve years, and then left him to survive. Meeting all the dangers of London, he lives on his own and must save the world and children from a beginning war.

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