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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Splendor Falls by Rosemary Clement-Moore

Hope P., 14 10/14/2009 1:41:25 PM
Rosemary Clement-Moore
The Splendor Falls
Delecorte Press 2009
Describe the most compelling aspect of the book: Unlike many supernatural novels, this book leaves the feeling that this might actually happen somewhere, sometime.
Should this be nominated for Teens' Top Ten?Yes It is a taunt page-turner that keeps you connected until the last sentence.
Rating? 5 Hard to imagine a better book The Splendor Falls is a powerful 513 page book centered around a modern day girl named Sylive Davis battling the forces of yesteryear. With a spice of magic, a blade like humor and a healty dose of suspence, Sylvie trys to convince herself she isn't crazy. Only one problem. An ancient Alabama mansion seems to want to prove her wrong.
Annotation: Sylvie Davis was a normal girl with dreams of being a ballet star. When her leg is shattered on stage, all those dreams changed. She makes a poor decision at her Mom's wedding and she is shipped off to Alabama. She falls in love with her old family mansion, named Bluestone Hill. But when she starts seeing strange things, Sylvie's love turns to fear. Is she losing her mind? Or is something more sinister at work? And is the town golden boy all what he's cracked up to be? And what of the mysterious stranger at the manor? I loved this book, because it really connects with you and makes you want to keep reading, even after the book is finished. This is a perfect book for a sequel, in my opinion.
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