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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sphinx's Princess by Esther Friesner

Reader: Hope P., 14, 9/29/2009
Sphinx's Princess
Esther Friesner
Random House 2009
Nominate? Yes
Sphinx's Princess is a historical fiction novel that is told like a fairy tale, with a villain, a quick-witted heroine, an unlikly hero, a hint of romance and a lot of adventure. It is a fast and detailed read that gives the reader a rare insight into Nefertiti's life and culture. This is a high-spirited novel that will be impossible to put down after reading the first page. Nefertiti was just a really pretty Egyptian who sat on a throne and looked nice, right? Well, if that's what you think Nefertiti's life was like, Sphinx's Princess will prove you wrong. In her trademark style, Esther Friesner tells the story of this remarkable girl, from her very young years to her teens. Nefertiti's life is pretty near perfect. She secretly knows how to read and write, she can dance, and people tell her she's beautiful. What more could she want? But all that changes when her aunt, Great and Royal Wife Tiye (a really fancy way of saying Queen) sends for her to come to her palace. When Nefertiti arrives, she is told that she will be wed to Tiye's son Thutmose to strengthen his claim to the throne. As if that isn't bad enough news to the thirteen year old, Thutmose shows no interest in her at all. She has three years to make him love her, to keep form going crazy at her Aunt's conspiracy theories, and to find her own inner lioness. Reading this novel made me want to reread Nobody's Princess and Nobody's Prize. Esther Friesner (who is one of my favourite authors of all time) has certainly not dissapointed me in her latest work of art.
5 Hard to imagine a better book
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  1. I really liked Sphinx's Princess and Nobody's Princess as well! They're very similar in feel to Tamora Pierce's books - one of my favorite authors. Have you read any of hers?

  2. I love Tamera Pirce as well. I hope there will soon br a sequal to this book. It will proably be called Spinx's Prize. I love books with strong female leading characters. Please exuse any spelling erros, as I am a horrible speller.