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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Other Half of Life by Kim Ablon Whitney

Reader: Rebecca R., 15, 9/24/2009
The Other Half of Life
Kim Ablon Whitney

Nominate? Yes

The book show cases the fight for survival when escaping Germany in WWII This book is an amazing read. “All he had to do was sacrifice his queen. He played in with a moment’s hesitation, second-guessing his calculation but not for long enough to stop him.” The Other Half of Life is a book that has a title that does not really fit. This book is an amazingly well written and designed tale of love, survival, and escaping Nazi Germany. All throughout the book there are allusions to, and real games, of chess. One of the main characters carries around a white pawn from his father’s chess set. The game of chess is an important part of the story. As the above quote says sometimes you have to sacrifice something to win the overall outcome. In this book sacrifices must be made in a hope to better the overall outcome. Sometimes those sacrifices end for the better, other times they don’t. In this book the main characters are Priska, a fourteen year old Jewish girl who is traveling with her family including her little sister Morianne on the MS St. Francis. Thomas is the other main character. He is also Jewish. There are other characters in the story as well. This book is a delightful read that I would recommend to anyone who likes books about surviving World War II and overall wants a good book to read.
4 Better than most

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