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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Orange Houses by Paul Griffin

Reader: Katie D.
Age: 16
Today's date: 9/24/09
Author: Paul Griffin
Title: The Orange Houses
Publisher: Dial Books
Publication date: 2009
My review: Tamika, a fifteen-year-old hearing-impaired girl, Jimmi, an eighteen-year-old veteran who stopped taking his antipsychotic medication, and sixteen-year-old Fatima, an illegal immigrant from Africa, meet and connect in their Bronx, New York, neighborhood, with devistating results.
If that doesn't sound like an exciting plot I don't know what does! The story was a fantastic mishmash of character chapters, where the whole section is dedicated to one character's perspective during a set of events. All the people included in the story are diverse, not carbon copies of each other, and are all emotionally relateable, even if they might be nothing like you personally.There was a little too much slang in the writing for my tastes, but if it has sparked your interest, I highly suggest you check it out.
Would you nominate this book for an award?: no
How much do you read?: I read a couple books a week
Quality: 3Q Readable
Popularity: 3P Some Teen appeal
I picked this book because (check as many as you like): The cover was interesting. Just grabbed it. Other: The title looked interesting.

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