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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Den of Thieves by Julia Golding

Reader: Hope
Age: 14
Library: Bistro Book Club
Title: Den of Thieves
Author: Julia Golding
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Pub. Date 2009
Galley? Yes
Would you like to nominate this book for Teens’ Top Ten? No
If yes, what makes this book special enough to be nominated for Teens’ Top Ten?
What did you like or not like about the cover? Did the cover reflect the contents? The cover was really detailed and discribed the contents very well.
Describe the most compelling aspect of the book. Cat Royal and the other characters are very relatable and realistic.
Were you disappointed with the book for any reason? If so, what was disappointing?
Did you finish the book Yes
How would you rate this book? 4 Better than most
Please write a short annotation for this book if you think it should be on the Teens Top Ten List.
Additional Comments (Please type or paste your review here) Cat Royal, heroine of Diamond of Drury Lane and Cat Among Pigeons, is at it again! Theater Royal is closed for extreame remodeling (as in tearing it down and rebuilding!!) and Mr. Sheridan has to make cast cuts. Suddenly, Cat is homeless. After a couple of disasters (after all, she is Cat Royal!) she meets back up with Mr. Sheridan. Turns out, he has a job for her! Only..that job is going undercover to Paris in the middle of the French Revolution! While trying to find out the feelings of the people, Cat meets a interesting cast of characters, including J-F, a king of thieves. Just when things are looking up for Cat, she finds out close friends of hers, the Avons, are imprisoned on a conspiracy charge! Can Cat keep her head in the midst of the revolution and save them? This book is by far the best in the series, and it left me waiting on the edge of my seat for Cat'O'Nine Tails, the next book! This book can be read by itself, even though Cat flashes back to past adventures. I would recommend this book to anyone for a read, but on it's own, it is not Teen Top Ten worthy, in my opinion. As a series, yes.
Date 2009-07-03 00:44:52

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