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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Stolen One by Suzanne Crowley

Crowley, Suzanne
The Stolen One
Greenwillow Books, 2009
Nominate? Yes

It's a compelling story that hasn't been used before. It incorporates the history of Queen Elizabeth I that everyone is familiar with but gives it a twist. It's very unique.,"The use of red and the background of green leaves shows you Kat as she is, the look in her eyes to the pear she is holding makes you want to open the book and learn what makes her tick.

The only thing Kat has known is lost to her so she goes on a search to find out who she really is, it's filled with romance and adventure and you keep turning the pages to see if she figures out her own past.

4 Better than most

The Stolen One is about the Elizabethan era but it takes an unusual story and weaves it into the history we know so well. Instead of reading the same story about Queen Elizabeth, Suzanne Crowley surprises us with a witty young girl whose only passion in life is to find out who she is. She knew she never fit in with the family that raised her and now that she is free of them she goes on a search to find her parents. What she learns on the way brings her new perspective. The unique storyline gives the reader a reason to keep reading because you don’t know how it will end.--Rebeccah

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